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Day in the life


This past week in Waterford we took a group of companies and individuals from the WIT Research and Innovation Centre through a user-centered design workshop. During our workshops, we intend to teach organisations simple tools to better understand their customers and their needs. One of my favourite exercises is the day in the life photo journal. Participants are given a pack of photos taken by a person through the course of one day. With only the photographs to work from, small groups distill detailed information about that person. It is amazing how much insight can be gained in ten minutes from a few photos. Many people learn more about a stranger than they do about those folks they each lunch with on a daily basis.

How much more simple can you get than handing out a few disposable cameras to your users? I have included a copy of our brief to complete the exercise, as well as the worksheet from the workshop.

Photo Journal Brief (Word, 42K)
Whose Life Worksheet (PDF, 119K)

Posted by: Justin Knecht